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SECTION – A (Marks 20)

(I) Whe study that how people can influence each other in different ways?
A. Social Psychologists B. Educational Psychologists
C. Clinical Psychologists D. Developmental Psychologists
(ii) When we organize objects and events into categories, it is called_______________
A. Hypothesis B Concept C. Principle D. Theory
(iii) The human brain is estimated to contain__________ nerve cells called Neurons.
A. Around 300 billion B. More than 300 billion
C. At-least 150 billion D. Around 500 billion
(iv) Which part of brain is also known as little brain?
A. Brain stem B. Cerebellun C. Fore brain 0 Spinal cord
(v) Transduction of physical energy into receptor potential occurs in___________
A. Cornea B Pupil C. Lens D. Rodsandcories

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